MOTHER ERTH bags are made by incredibly talented artisan mothers who are committed to making a difference for their families and communities.
Learn more about them and their stories.


I am seventy three years old. I am a mother of seven and my dream is to see all of my children happy with their own families.
Challenges I’ve Faced
 Before I became a weaver my income was very small and I had difficulty paying for my basic needs.
How Weaving is Helping
 With the extra income I get from weaving, I can now cover my primary needs. Since I can no longer do strenuous activities, weaving keeps me active and moving. Weaving is very important to me and I hope it will continue throughout the years and provide future generations with the same opportunities it has provided me with.


I am forty-one years old and I am single mother of three boys. My dream is to support all of my children until they finish their education.

Challenges I’ve Faced

As a single mother, raising my three sons alone has been difficult. It is hard to support the four of us financially.

How Weaving is Helping

Weaving helps me send my kids to school and provide a good life for them. Aside from giving me extra income, I can work work at home and stay near my children. The company pays me well for my hard work which makes me happy.


I am fifty years old and my dream is to have permanent work. 

 Challenges I’ve Faced
 Before I became a weaver, I had to work twice as much as I work now to earn a living. Covering my expenses and finding a steady job was difficult.
How Weaving is Helping
 I love weaving because it is much more relaxed than the work I was doing before. Weaving has been a big help to me because it covers my daily expenses and also allows me to save for the future. Weaving has opened my mind to many new possibilities.

Gemma Carsedo

I am thirty years old and married with four children. I have two sons and two daughters. My dream is for all of my children to get a good education.

Challenges I’ve Faced

Raising four children is not easy. It was difficult to come up with enough money to send my children to school and provide them with everything they need.

How Weaving is Helping

Weaving covers most of my family’s expenses and it has allowed me to send my kids to get an education. I also get to spend more time with my family because I can work from home. It’s very convenient and easy for me. Weaving has been a big help to my family and the community.

Constantena Cardeno

I am sixty-four years old and I grew up in a small town.

Challenges I’ve Faced

The struggles I faced before weaving were mostly financial. Living in a rural, mountainous area makes it very difficult to find work to support my family.

How Weaving is Helping

Because of weaving I am able to afford the necessary things for my family. It gives me extra income and improves our way of living. I also have more time to spend with my family.

Aurelia Romero

I’m a single mom with 2 girls. My dream is to improve the life of my family.

Challenges I’ve Faced

Before the weaving arrived we always experienced financial problems due to low income. Sometimes I would think that there was no hope to overcome my problems especially since I am a single parent. Yet when weaving was introduced to me I was able to keep my faith that there are still chances to improve our lives.

How Weaving is Helping

Weaving helps me provide for my family’s needs and send my kids to school. It gives us extra income, new experiences and I can also support the needs of my kids. I hope that the company will continue to give me work through weaving. I also have more time with my family because I also taught them how to weave.

Shiela C. Hermoso

I am twenty-seven years old and my dream is to be successful.

Challenges I’ve Faced

Financial problems and a lack of stable income created tension in my family. We were always struggling to make ends meet.

How Weaving is Helping

Weaving helps me support my daily needs as well as save for the future. I’m thankful that I was given the opportunity to weave. Living in a remote area is not easy because there are very limited opportunities to earn money. Weaving improves our way of life and I enjoy learning the different weaving techniques.



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