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Good moms like questions. We do too.


Will the item I get look like the one in the photos?

Yes it will! Unless you've chosen Artisan's Choice. Each item is striking and unique so we want you to see the beauty before you bring her home. Some of the items are similar enough to each other that the one you receive will be similar to the photo (for example the silver collection). 

When you shop the Artisan's Choice model we will send you a bag of the model you choose and with at least one of the 6-8 colors matching the color you selected. 

How do you help mothers?

We believe in a hand up not a hand out. We find entrepreneurial moms who have great skills, train them, and pay them a fair price per item we buy. Our artisan moms are paid 3x the average salary for laborers in their area. The goal is for each of our mothers to build a sustainable living while working part time creating amazing products for Mother Erth. 

How do you help the earth?

Our commitment to the earth runs through everything we do. The material we use is factory rejected aluminum-plastic that is typically used for drink and sauce sachets in South East Asia. We are not just eco-conscious, we are actually protecting the environment and ocean from harmful materials.

We get pieces of the roll that can not be used and can not be recycled. We only use recycled materials for our logos and marketing materials. Our products are sent out in recycled packaging as well. 


Are your products durable?

You're kidding right? They're not durable, they're indestructible. Well, almost.  Why do you think it lasts forever in the environment?  Our mothers are masters in creating a tight, double layered weave for all our items. Unless you are a female weightlifting champion this bag should be able to carry more than you can. 

Our favorite stress test is using our tote for runs to the library with the kids. We pack them full of books every week for years and it still looks as good as new. We also do various experiments to test the strength. Stay tuned for them by following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Or contact us with any experiment ideas.

Will the weave come apart?

No way Josephine. If your weave starts coming apart after regular and reasonable use any time in the next 24 months. Let us know and we will send you a new one (or a similar item if the one you bought is no longer in stock) for free. 

Do you have a warranty? 

Absolutely. We thoroughly stress test our items and provide a 24 month warranty for the weave. Just note that this does not include damage caused by it being used outside of normal, intended use.  For example, using your beach bag as a boat or parachute.


How quickly do orders ship?

Normally, orders ship within 48 hours but in some cases it can take us up to 5 days – this isn't fast fashion after all. ;) Please note that we do not ship on  Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays.

How much does shipping cost?

We offer free shipping within the Continental United States for all orders over $55. For orders under $55 we charge a flat $7 for shipping. Shipping costs for orders outside of that scope may vary depending upon the rates offered by our shipping carriers and any promotions. 

Didn't get your item?

In case the carrier does not succeed in delivering the item to you because you weren't at home, please try reaching the carrier via email and/or telephone. If the carrier eventually ships the item back to us, and you still want to get the item, you'll have to pay for the shipping costs. Otherwise we'll refund the full amount without the original shipment costs.

Want to return something?

If you bought your new bag or accessory directly from mothererth.com and don't fall in love with it for any reason, we are more than happy to exchange it for any other model or weave style of the same price. And what if you changed your mind and would like your money back? No worries. We'll send you a return label with no questions asked. We also don’t charge any silly restocking or processing fees.

Return the item to us unused and unaltered within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund the full amount minus return shipping. Just keep in mind the time it takes for the package to get back to us in San Diego, California for USA orders or Toronto, Ontario for Canada orders.  

You can check out our Refunds and Returns Policy here.

How to send it back

To return your product, first send an email to support@mothererth.com with your order number and request. We will send you a prepaid return label which you can print out and attach to any Priority Mail box from USPS. The shipping cost will simply be deducted from your refund unless you are making an exchange.


Do you have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for your website?

We sure do. In a nutshell you can rest assured that we will never ever sell your information to a third-party in any circumstances. You can read the details in our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service.

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