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Mother Erth bags are uniquely designed eco-friendly products handmade by artisan mothers in developing countries. They are durable and versatile and create a viable solution to helping save the environment. Your Mother Erth bag is going to be an important tool in your daily life, and we want them to last forever. Here are some useful tips on how to care for them.

Understanding your bag

Before talking dos and don’ts, let’s start with what your bag is made of.

Manufacturer Rejected Materials 
Made of half aluminum and half plastic sheets - the material is typically cut into sachets for drinks, juices, sauces and other goods. We repurpose the material that manufacturers are unable to turn into packaging because of printing defects and other issues. 

From Strips to Handwoven Beauty
The aluminum and plastic sheets are cut into strips which are folded four times to create a narrow, thick strip of material for weaving. The artisans use a double weave, which creates a durable, stiff material that holds up to stress and wear.

Caring for your Bag

So your new purchase has arrived at the door, now what?

Unfold your folded beauty 
For shipping purposes, our bags come folded up - don’t be alarmed!! All you have to do is slowly open them up and within a few days they will regain their original shape.

Wipe it down
Don’t be afraid to get your Mother Erth bag a little dirty. Due to its material, the bags have a slick exterior which allows you to wipe clean and have your bag sparkling once more! 

Not so tasty
Each carrier comes with a pillow and waterproof pillow cover which can be hand washed. Also, be sure to not let your animals chew the carrier for their own health and for the health of the bag!

What not do with your bag 

After testing out our bags in the elements to see what would happen, here's what we've learned.

Leave it in the sun
We’ve left our bags out in the elements for years to see what would happen, and learned that while they hold up well, the color does fade. So take your bag to the beach and have fun in the sun, but just don’t leave it out for too long!

Soak it
While you can use your bag out in the rain, be sure not to take it to extreme measure and soak it in water. If submerged, the water will eventually get between the aluminum and plastic and give your bag a wrinkled look. No one wants a pruney bag!

Made with love, to be used with love 

Mother Erth bags are made with care and consideration with the intent to last for years to come. Be sure to use the tips above to treat it with love, whether you are using it every day or only for special occasions. Your bag is a reminder and symbol that you are not only creating a positive impact on the environment, but you are helping empower women across the world. Carry your beautiful symbol of positive change with pride!

Get Involved 

Post a photo with your Mother Erth beauty on your social media and tag us @mothererthinc so we can also share with our followers. You can also write us here if you are getting compliments on your purchase and would like to receive some promo cards you can use to spread the word. We offer special perks to both you and your friends who you refer.

Don't have one yet? You can join the Mother Erth movement by purchasing your bag today or becoming an ambassador! Here are some more ideas for getting involved.

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  • I have 2 Mother Erth bags and I love them both. I get compliments every time I use them.
    I will buy more, I am sure.

    Suzanne Stacy

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